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Summer Term 2024

Topic Overview

RE Overview

Summer 1 - To the Ends of the Earth

During the To the ends of the earth unit, the children will hear the story of Pentecost. They will learn that when Jesus went back to his Father, He sent a special friend, the Holy Spirit, to look after us.


They will also explore the early Christian community as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles and how the Good News of Jesus was lived out. Today, as Christians, we are called to live as family and community, just like the early Christian community. All people are God’s children and are connected to each other. We have our differences but we are one family - God’s family.


The children will find out about the importance of a parish church as a special place where we meet our friends. We meet together to celebrate, sing and say prayers. They will learn that Sunday is a special day for the Church to celebrate and that Pentecost is a special celebration in the Church.


Help At Home

  • Read the story of Pentecost together from a child’s version of the Bible.
  • Draw and cut out a picture of a dove and hang it somewhere where it can move because of the wind.


Summer 2 - Dialogue and Encounter

During the Dialogue and Encounter unit, the children will hear a simple life story of St Peter and St Paul, making links to their feast day on the 29th June.


They will meet someone from the local parish to talk about their faith and why it matters to them to be a friend of Jesus. They will explore a range of pictures of Jesus from non-European traditions.


The children will also meet someone from the local area to talk about their local faith community and why it matters to them. They will explore music, food, smells, tastes and specific clothing worn to enrich their understanding.


Help At Home

  • Find out more about St Peter and St Paul.
  • Talk to people you know about their faith and what is means to them.