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To find out about our published end of Key Stage results please follow the link below and use the school's postcode (PR1 3YJ).

Or our school's performance tables can be found here.

The DfE made the decision not to carry out end of Key Stage assessments in 2020 and 2021 as part of the actions taken against COVID 19. All schools will continue to publish the 2019 performance data until further assessment data is available.


St Augustine's KS2 SATs results 2019

Pupils who achieved the Expected Standard in Reading, Writing and Maths: 83% (National was 65%) and 14% at the Higher Standard (National was 11%).


Pupils who achieved the Expected Standard

Reading: Expected Level 83% (National: 73%) Higher Level 32% (National: 27%)

Writing: 89% (National: 78%) Higher Level 27% (National: 20%)

Maths: 92% (National: 79%) Higher Level 24% (National: 27%)


Average Scaled Scores

Reading: 105 (National score: 104)

Maths: 107 (National score: 105)


Average Progress Score from KS1 to KS2

Reading: 2.1 (Average compared to National)

Writing:  3.1 (Well above average compared to National)

Maths: 2.8 (Above average compared to National)