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At St Augustine's Primary School, we offer our children a broad and balanced curriculum that is coherently planned and sequenced towards accumulating sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning, based upon the National Curriculum. Our curriculum is constantly evolving to allow the children a wide range of experiences, to extend their understanding of themselves and the world in which they live. We believe that our curriculum should provide children with the opportunities to aspire to be more, in an environment that is rooted in our Gospel Values and our school motto ‘Unique and United in God's Love. We let our light shine’.


The curriculum is designed to contribute to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and provides opportunities for the development of personal skills such as resilience, cooperation, tolerance, independence and organisation. We support pupils’ physical development and enable them to become active individuals with a growing understanding and responsibility for their own health and well-being.


Within this broad and balanced curriculum, an emphasis is placed on ensuring the children develop excellent phonics and reading skills to enable them to confidently access the whole curriculum and be equipped for life in a sophisticated and technological society. We believe that effective learning takes place when there is active involvement, opportunities to talk imaginatively and clarify thinking and where meaningful connections are made within and across subjects. We are committed to a culture that promotes a positive and inclusive approach at all times with lessons planned to ensure that there are no barriers to learning with every pupil achieving their personal best.


Our curriculum map, and units of work in every subject, contain the knowledge that we have identified as essential in our school. These have been carefully crafted for each subject, identifying composite knowledge and skills and breaking them down in to component parts to ensure sequential, layered knowledge acquisition. The curriculum is sequenced and progressive so that children can systematically accumulate ‘sticky knowledge’ which becomes embedded in their long-term memory. This approach enables pupils to make meaningful connections in their learning.


St Augustine's Curriculum Long Term Plan

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