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Below is a list of the School Governors and any interests which might impact on their duties:


Chair: Mr David Cox  

Vice Chair: Mr Terry May (Chair of Curriculum and Community Committee)


Foundation Governors:
Mr Salim Desai (Chair of Building Committee, a Governor at Christ the King High School, Preston and local Councillor) 

Mr Andrew Dawson (Chair of Finance Committee)

Mrs Moira Finley-Landry (sister to a member of staff)

Mrs Susan Moss

Local Authority Governor: Mr Saeed Atcha

Staff Governor: Mrs Luena Archibald  

Parent Governors: Mrs Rosina Gordon & Mr Suhel Patel

Headteacher: Mr John Entwistle

Clerk to Governors: Mrs Susan Robinson


Terms of office:

D Cox: 10/5/16 - 9/5/20

T May: 20/8/16 - 19/8/20

S Desai: 10/5/16 - 9/5/20

A Dawson: 5/5/17 - 4/5/21

M Finley-Landrey: 15/3/16 - 14/3/20

S Moss: 2/3/18 - 1/3/22

S Atcha: 23/3/16 - 22/3/20

L Archibald: 21/10/16 - 20/10/20

R Gordon: 5/6/18 - 4/6/22

S Patel: 1/12/18 - 30/11/22


Committee membership:

The Committees are made up of the following members:

Admissions Committee – S Desai, M Finley-Landry, S Moss

Buildings, Health & Safety Committee – S Desai (Chair), S Atcha, J Entwistle, L Archibald, S Moss, R Gordon, S Patel,  L Fishwick (Co-opted)

Complaints Committee – S Atcha, M Finley-Landry, S Moss

Curriculum and Community – T May (Chair), D Cox, M Finley-Landry, L Archibald, J Entwistle, S Patel

Finance and Staffing Committee – A Dawson (Chair), S Atcha, S Desai, J Entwistle, L Archibald, R Gordon, S Patel, L Fishwick (Co-opted)


Nominated Governors:

Child Protection and Safeguarding – D Cox

Equality – S Desai

Health and Safety – D Cox

HRSE – M Finley-Landry

Inclusion – T May and M Finley-Landry

Pupil Premium – T May

RE – S Moss

Training Link – S Moss

Wider Curriculum – D Cox, R Gordon