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Who's Who

If you wish to contact us please ring the school on 01772 253851 or email

Headteacher: Mr J Entwistle

Deputy Head: Mrs L Archibald

Assistant Head: Mrs E Goulding

SENCo: Mrs S Bennett

Foundation Stage Leader: Mrs J Shorrock

School Business Manager: Mrs L Fishwick


Blossom Class team

Teachers:  Mrs C Thompson

Support staff: Miss H Sheldon,Mrs B Nisbet, Mr J Silwanowicz & Mrs G Finley-Cookson (PPA cover)


Willow Class team

Teacher: Mrs J Shorrock & Mrs C Cremona

Support staff: Mrs Z Badat


Sycamore Class team

Teacher: Ms L Benson

Support staff: Mrs S Williamson


Beech Class team

Teacher:  Mrs L Archibald

Support staff: Mrs C Fletcher


Year 3 team

Teacher:  Mrs S Bennett

Support staff: Mrs S Kazee


Year 3/4 team

Teachers: Mrs Dowson

Support staff: Mrs S Lysiak


Year 4/5 team

Teacher: Mr R Toquero

Support staff:  Mrs K Smithson-Shaw


Year 5/6 team

Teacher:   Mrs E Goulding

Support staff: Mrs T Ingham & Mr P Floodgate


Year 6 team

Teacher: Mrs R Patel

Support staff: Mrs F Patel


Learning Support Team

Mrs J Benyon (Librarian and Resource Assistant)

Mrs M Chohan (KS1 Learning Support Group Support)

Mrs C Cox (KS1 Reading Champion)

Mrs T Gethings (KS1 Learning Support)

Mrs S Lysiak (Polish bi-lingual support)

Miss J Richardson (PE Coach)

Mrs S Walker (KS2 Reading Champion and Support)


Pastoral Team

Mrs Lynne Caterall (Family Support and Inclusion Worker)

Mrs G Finley-Cookson (Inclusion Assistant)

Miss L Richards (Inclusion Assistant)

Mr P Cobb (Chaplain and Music Teacher - Wednesdays and Fridays)


Welfare Team

Mrs J Ali (Senior Midday Supervisor)

Mrs A Bala

Mrs A Chorzewska

Mrs R Esmail

Mrs S Namazi

Mrs F Patel

Mrs S Yallanki-Brownrigg


Premises Team

Mr C Holden (Site Supervisor)

Mrs A Chorzewska

Mrs S Pajak


School Administrator Team

Mrs L Fishwick (School Business Manager)

Mrs R Patel