School Logo

Our Mission, Aims and Values

Mission Statement

Our Catholic school is united in God’s love, enabling everyone to grow in love for one another and to develop in faith. We strive for all children to achieve their best by becoming active and confident learners in a nurturing and caring environment. We guide everyone to shine in their own unique way.


‘Unique and United in God’s love. We let our light shine.’


School Aims

In our school we aim to:

  • Follow the teachings of Jesus, strengthened by the Holy Spirit, to help all children develop in faith
  • Acknowledge we are all Unique and United in God’s love
  • Love one another as God loves us
  • Find joy in faith and grow in God’s love with family and friends
  • Encourage every individual to take an active part in school life
  • Care for the whole family by providing a ‘comfy’, safe environment for all
  • Inspire all our children on their journey towards achieving their full academic and personal potential within a nurturing environment
  • Enable children to have the opportunity to become independent, active and confident   learners through a creative, challenging and meaningful curriculum
  • Boost confidence by celebrating personal achievement
  • Encourage children to Believe and Achieve
  • Support ‘little explorers’ in order to make ‘big achievers’
  • Learn from the enquiring mind of each child

Our School Values

Our Values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens. Although rooted in Christian teaching, these values are also important to other faiths and cultures within our school community including those with no faith.

At St Augustine's School we have ten school Values. Each month, we focus on one Value. Classes hold an assembly at the start of each month to re-introduce the Value. This Value then becomes the main focus for the term and the children are constantly reminded how they can show these in their everyday lives. At the end of each week children are chosen from each class that have shown the best example of this Value and an overall award presented at our monthly Celebration Assemblies. We also ensure that children get at a thorough understanding of what each value really means through our PSHE curriculum.

These are our monthly Values:

September: Manners

October: Responsibility

November: Care and Compassion

December: Respect

January: Honesty and Truth

February: Peace

March: Patience and Tolerance

April/May: Thoughtfulness

June: Forgiveness and Justice

July: Friendship