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Spring Term 2024

Topic Overview

RE Overview

Spring 1 - Galilee to Jerusalem

During the Galilee to Jerusalem unit, the children will learn that Jesus is God’s Son and come into the world for everyone to show God’s love. He welcomes everyone and takes care of everyone. We celebrate his birth at Christmas. They will hear the story of the Wise Men visiting Jesus and discover that the Magi brought gifts for him.


The children will also hear the story of Jesus welcoming the little children. This story is another example of Jesus being sent into our world for everyone. The children will learn that we are called to welcome and show love to everyone in our words and actions as Jesus does.


Acorn Provision children will be exposed to the ‘Glory Be’, which is a special prayer. They will learn that the Church prayers the ‘Glory Be’ as a response to the coming of Jesus.


Help At Home

  • Practise saying the ‘Glory Be’ prayer together.
  • Discuss what gifts you might bring to Jesus if you were visiting him like the Wise Men.
  • Listen to the Christmas Carol ‘Away in a manger’ and talk about what it is saying.


Spring 2 - Desert to Garden

During the Desert to Garden unit, the children will learn that about Lent, Holy Week and Easter and the simple religious signs of these seasons.

Lent: the colour purple, ashes, seeds, growing

Holy Week: palms, the cross

Easter: the colour white, growth, Easter garden, symbols of new life


They will explore a simplified version of the key events of Holy Week, especially Good Friday and Easter Sunday. They will learn that Jesus died on a cross on Good Friday and rose again on Easter Sunday. Easter is a celebration that Jesus is with us still and also celebrates new life.


Alongside this, they will also learn that various cultures celebrate Lent and Easter in different ways, for example, pancakes, hot cross buns and Easter eggs.


Help At Home

  • Decide on something that you can do to help other people during Lent e.g. give up having something and putting the money in a pot to give to charity at the end of Lent.
  • When visiting Church during Lent, look at the colours used in Church and what is different.