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Children in Blossom Class are happy to come to school and motivated to learn. We strive to provide our children with an exciting and engaging curriculum, delivering them with as many experiences as possible. We have a spacious classroom where children can learn through a variety of different ways. We also have a large secure outdoor area full of natural resources for the children to explore and engage with.


Our relationship with children and their families starts before they come to school. We have strong links with surrounding nurseries and this enables us to build a good relationship with parents and children. The class teacher also does home visits prior to each child starting school, so parents may talk about their child’s personal needs and learning.


There will be a welcome evening prior to your child starting school, to explain the learning environment and daily routine of school. We will also hold a parents meeting a few weeks into school starting, to allow you to see your child's work in the environment and ask any questions about their work.