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Week Beginning 1st March 2021

Stone Age Boy

This week we will be carrying on our work around the book Stone Age Boy.

Stone Age Boy

Monday 1st March

Re-watch the video (if needed) from the link above and really think about the story.



  • What skills have you learned so far? 
  • How can improve the beginning of your sentences using the grid of sentence starters? Make sure that you don't begin with 'The' and 'A'.


Watch the video of Mrs Bennett teaching you all about Adverbials and use the grid to help you start your sentences in the most interesting way possible.  Remember to use commas to take a breath in your sentences and straight after a frontal adverb (number 4 on your grid/-ly words).


Complete your sentences on the worksheet below and REMEMBER to up-level your sentences using adjectives and adverbs.  Think about how you might try and use some conjunctions in your work.  Could you incorporate a list with commas?

Adverbials Lesson with Mrs Bennett

Tuesday 2nd March

Re-watch the video (if needed).



  • What would things smell like? 
  • What scents might you smell? 
  • What might be heard? 
  • What can be seen? 
  • How are the characters feeling?


Watch the video of Mrs Bennett going through how to create a setting description and use your grid to think about the sights/sounds/smells/feeling.  Use a variety of nouns and adjectives and put these into your grid:  Crackling fire, stale meat, musty animal skins, bright red and orange fire etc. 


Once you have watched the video, go on to complete your work on the worksheet below, using the descriptive language you have just popped into your grid.  Be sure to up-level (make better) your sentences.

Writing a Setting Description using the Senses Lesson with Mrs Bennett

Wednesday 3rd March

Re-watch the story again (if you would like to) and think about the characters, objects and places in the story. 


Once you have watched the story, in today's lesson (video below) you will be learning how to use brackets to add extra detail to your sentences.  Follow the instructions in the video to understand how to use brackets (parenthesis) to add extra detail to your sentences.

Parenthesis (Brackets) Lesson with Mrs Bennett

Thursday 4th March

Re-watch the story again (if you would like to) and think about the things the boy and Om get up to.


Once you have watched the story, in today's lesson you will be having a go at writing your very own post card from the past.  Imagine your the boy and you want to let everyone back in your own time know what you have been up to.  Use the instructions in the structure strip to help you show off all your new writing skills.

Writing a Postcard Lesson with Mrs Bennett

Friday 5th March

In today's lesson, your are going to plan your own version of the story.  We call this an innovation.  You are going to think about the things you might change in your story to create your own version.


Think about what your character will be like and the things that will happen to them on their adventure into the past. Will they have a nice time or will things go horribly wrong?

Plan and Innovate the story of Stone Age Boy Lesson with Mrs Bennett