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Week Beginning 15th March 2021

Stone Age Boy

This week, we will be carrying on our book 'Stone Age Boy' but instead using it to create a newspaper article based on the boys journey back in time.

Monday 15th March

Read through the newspaper extract about the Stone Age Boy and find the features by searching the answers in the text.

Tuesday 16th March

Today we will be looking at what skills and features we need to write our own newspaper reports.

Wednesday 17th March

Direct speech is something we have worked on quite a bit over the last few months. In order for us to write a fantastic newspaper report, we must include quotes of what people have been saying.


I would like you to watch the video below of me explaining how to write direct speech. Then you can have a go at writing some yourselves. 


Make sure you are writing on topic about the Stone Age Boy, not just any speech you want as you will need this for tomorrow's lesson with Mrs. Bennett.


Thursday 18th March

For the today's and tomorrow's lesson, Mrs. Bennett would like you to put your journalist head on.

Friday 19th March

Today we will be carrying on the second half of our newspaper writing.