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Week Beginning 12th April 2021

Skara Brae

Over the next two weeks we will be learning the skills needed to write our very own Non-chronological report about Skara Brae, an ancient Neolithic village found in Orkney, Scotland.

Monday 12th April

Read through the fact file about Skara Brae and answer the questions on the sheet by finding the answers in the text.

Tuesday 13th April

Think of as many different questions as you can that your would like to know about Skara Brae.  Use the diamond ranking grid to then order your questions from the most important to least important. 


If you are accessing this from the website, use some squares of paper or post-it notes to create your diamond.

Wednesday 14th April

Use the checklist to identify the features of a non-chronological report.  Underline the features and tick them off from the checklist.

Thursday 15th April

To understand how to put the correct information under the correct sub-headings, sort these facts under the correct sub-heading.  Cut out the boxes of information and place them under the correct sub-headings.

Friday 16th April

Scan these QR codes to access a variety of suitable websites to carry out your research on Skara Brae.  Use the questions you wrote in the previous lesson and these sites to try and find your answers. Make notes from your research.