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Week 6

The ‘timetable’ for this week’s teaching and learning is as follows

  • Day 1 – Children read a collection of jokes. They then read some Shaggy Dog Stories and learn how to tell these by elaborating them and making them even better. They try making up their own jokes and then make a joke book.
  • Day 2 – Children read and solve escape-based logic puzzles. They watch Anthony Horowitz talking about Alex Rider escapes and write their own ideas. They look at Alcatraz on Google Earth, and then write a story about their escape from Alcatraz!
  • Day 3 – Children read about Star Wars droids. They write multiple-choice answers for given questions. They invent their own droid. They write stories about gadgets such as a SatNav with personalities.  
  • Day 4 – Children complete ‘crosspoint’ puzzles. They complete several crosswords and then make up their own.    
  • Day 5 – Children write their own revolting food menus. They explore recipes for revolting foods and then make up their own recipes for Roald Dahl foods.