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Week 5

The ‘timetable’ for this week’s teaching and learning is as follows

  • Day 1 – Children read about amazing hotels. They design a luxury hotel for children and listen to Brian Moses’ poem: The Snake Hotel. They plan their own version.
  • Day 2 – Children read and make ‘Alphabet sentences’. They play ‘Categories’ and solve wordsearches. They design their own.  
  • Day 3 – Children make a decision about a ‘Balloon Debate’. They watch clips from the TV programme: Room 101. They choose what they would put in Room 101 and find out others’ ideas.     
  • Day 4 – Children read and solve riddles. They explore anagrams. They solve ‘creative-thinking’ problems.      
  • Day 5 – Children read an imaginary school report and plan and write their own. They read ‘Targets’ by Brian Moses and set themselves funny targets.