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Wednesday 6th January

Morning Maths


One of today's task involves you remembering what the present perfect tense is. We have done it in class but just as a reminder, in a nutshell, it is using the word has or have in your sentence. For example my sentence could be: William has been an amazing student during lockdown. This would make it the present perfect tense because I have used the words has been. 


Unfortunately, I still haven't managed to get an app to work on my laptop so that I can share yesterdays video that I did with you and you can hear it properly. I have a few more to try today so hopefully I can share that tomorrow. For today's grammar please look at the word mat below, it contains lots of different ideas that you can use to create a sentence with a fronted adverbial. Please choose 3 and write different sentences about the lighthouse setting that we did yesterday in English. I will include the lighthouse picture again for those that have forgotten what it looks like. Please remember your comma and remember to write as neat as you would if you were in school. 


Watch the following clip, this is the start of our mini movie we are using to complete our English work over the next 2 weeks. I apologise about my screen record skills, I promise I am trying to find a better way to do it. 


Still image for this video
Now you have watched that very short snippet of it, have a think about the setting you saw and what you feel may happen in the story. Think about the music played and the colours that you saw, do you think this movie is going to start cheerfully or unhappily? Do you think this will continue throughout the story or it will change? What kind of characters do you think will be in the movie? What relevance has the lighthouse got to the movie? This lesson will be about you predicting what is going to happen and creating your own story, on a story board, about the lighthouse. 

Using the story board sheet below (either on your computer, print it off or copy your own down into the book we gave you) then think about the start of the story you have just watched and draw a picture and explain underneath what happened at the start, try and use a fronted adverbial if you can as that is our grammar focus this week. You can use the fronted adverbial word mat that you used before to help you do this. For example, the sentence in that first box could say: Between the sea and the sky, stands a giant, white building with lights beaming from it. 

Once you have completed this first box move onto the next one and you are now creating your own story about the lighthouse, based on what predictions you have made that may happen in the story. Underneath each picture make sure you write a sentence about the picture starting with a fronted adverbial (again use the word mat to help you with this). I'm looking forward to seeing what predictions you make. Enjoy. 



Unfortunately only 2 people completed all their Maths work yesterday so we are not ready as a class to move on. Please complete yesterday's Maths work as the start of your Maths task today. Watch the video clip and answer the questions. Once you have done that there is a purple mash to do set for you to complete on statistics. If you did do Maths and sent it to me yesterday well done, you only have to do the purple mash task for today. 

TT Rockstars 


Time to go on TT Rockstars. Can you please do this for at least 10 minutes. 



This term our Science topic is sound. Please watch this video and note down any words discussed related to making sounds.

Once you have completed that you are going to complete a sound check using the worksheet below. You can do this either in your house or whilst you are outside walking. Think about what sounds you can hear and if you can decide what is vibrating to make the sound. Think about the level of sound, is it loud or quiet? 

End of the day reading

To end our day I have decided to set you a story on purple mash to read so please log into purple mash and read chapter 1 of the story I have set for you. It sound like a really fun story, enjoy.