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Morning Maths

Maths - Fractions Greater than 1

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Today you will have a go at writing your own poem that can be performed. You can rewatch the videos of poems I have put on over the past two days if you want to give yourself a little bit more inspiration. When writing your poem think about actions you can use with it, think about if you want it to rhyme or not and think about including interesting vocabulary where you can. I would like the poem to be about your favourite thing BUT your favourite thing cannot be a computer, computer game or a phone. Some ideas could be a pet, a sport, a football team, lego, a drawing you have made or a family member. You will be writing the poem today and coming up with a performance for it tomorrow so today please concentrate on the writing of it. Remember in poetry there are no rules, it may rhyme it may not, it may make sense or it may have nonsense words in it, it may be serious or it may be funny, whatever you prefer. Have fun creating. 


Today is the day you can create any instrument of your choice. Have lots of fun creating this afternoon.