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Today in English we are going to have an author tell us how she creates stories and we are going to try and come up with our own story plot using her method. We will write the story in full tomorrow, today is a day for gathering ideas. Watch the following video with a pencil and paper handy so you can follow what she does and get all your ideas down on paper. Once you have done that you can watch the next video which is of her reading the first chapter of her story the scribble witch for you to enjoy. You may also get some new ideas from her first chapter. 

The link for the lesson

The link for the chapter of the book


I know I said this week was making musical instruments but some people have asked for longer to get their ideas and equipment ready so I have found a fun easy way we can make musical instruments this week from things that you probably have in the house. Please follow the video and have fun and make sure you are ready to musical instrument make next week. Are you going to make a guitar? A drum? Maracas? Or maybe another straw whistle so you can have a little band in your house. 

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