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For Grammar today I would like you to read your book for 10 minutes and note down any apostrophes you come across. Below is a sheet for how you should set present any that you find. Remember it is just apostrophes for things that belong to people (possession) that we are concentrating on this week not for words like can't and don't. 


For English today I want you to imagine you are the boy and I want you to carry on the story from where it finishes. How do you feel now you have a dog with no leg just like you? (Remember how William and the Christmasaurus felt when they realised there were others like them.) What will you do at the park? Will something happen on your way to the park or whilst you are there? Include description using your senses of your journey and make sure you are writing good, clear sentences. Pages and pages of writing isn't needed, just good quality writing. 

TT Rockstars and Read Theory


LO: To recognise reasons for rules and laws
This term children will be thinking about the communities we belong to. For this lesson children need to think about these questions:

- What are the rules?

- What is the law?

- How are rules and laws enforced?

- How rules and laws can help us?

Please watch this video below:    
Independent work:

Mild: Make a list of the school rules

Spicy: Why do we have school rules?

HotWhy are school rules important?