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Tuesday 5th January

Good Morning children. You can work through these lessons at your own pace and in whichever order you want as long as it is all completed by the end of the school day. I have uploaded them in the same order we would do in class because I know some of you like to stick to the same routine. Please send me all the work by the end of the day and I will do my best to get back to you with a comment about your work or how to improve it, if you send it me as you complete it then that would be great. Please try your best, just as you would in class. Any work not done to your best standard will have to be redone and any great work will get dojos. Do your best and remember to message me if you are struggling or join our zoom calls to get help. Do your best, see you soon. 

Morning Maths Activities

Word of the day


This week in Grammar we will be looking at fronted adverbials. Please watch the powerpoint videos I have put up about them and then have a go at the activity. 

What is a Fronted Adverbial?

Now you've watched that video on fronted adverbials watch the one below that I have done for you. I had a few technical difficulties so it is not the greatest but hopefully I will get better at the recording as time goes on. 


Still image for this video


This week we will be using a video clip to help us with our English, not a book like we normally do. The video clip is called The Lighthouse.


1. Follow the link to listen to the waves and try and think of some words and phrases to describe the sound. Remember when we are describing we use our senses to help us (hear, see, smell, touch and taste). Try to think of something for all the senses.


2. Now you have got your ideas together try and see if you can expand on them using the sheet below (you can either print this off, write on it on the computer or copy the columns and make your own) For example if you wrote you can see blue waves you could expand on that and say the dark blue waves were crashing against the jagged rocks. Think about how we have made our describing sentences better by using expanded noun phrases and you can use your imagination as well as what you can see on the screen. 

Now that you have collected your ideas together you can look at the picture below and begin your work for today which is to describe the lighthouse and the setting. Please pick which LO you will do and set out your work as you would in school. Again, this can be done on the computer if you would like or handwritten. As long as I can read it clearly I don't mind. Remember your punctuation, all the vocabulary we have discussed in class and your description skills. Use your senses sheet from before to help build your sentences up and try to use a variety of different sentence openers. 


Mild - Can I describe the setting using my senses

Spicy - Can I describe the setting using my senses and expanded noun phrases

Hot - Can I describe the setting using my senses, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials



Today we will be looking at Statistics. Our first lesson is on Interpreting Charts. Please watch the video below and then answer the questions. Look carefully at the questions as some are trying to trick you (but I know you're too clever to be tricked). 

Interpret Charts Video

Still image for this video

TT Rockstars


Now it is time for your daily TT Rockstars. We will continue with the paper version when back in school so whilst we're learning from home please use this time to go on and answer questions for at least 10 minutes. I will check who has been on and you will get dojos for doing it. 


Today we will be looking at how Christians pray and why it is important to pray. 

1. Follow this link 

2. Look at the 5 question it is asking about prayer and think about how a Christian might answer and how someone from another religion might answer, is it the same? Once you have thought about all those questions then click on the hands and see what the man answers. 

3. Follow this link

4. Watch the clip about Christian prayer and worship. What do you think are the links between prayer and worship? If you pray does it mean you are also worshipping? Do we always have to pray to Worship God? If you aren't a Catholic, is what you do different to what you see us doing in school? Think about these questions as they will help you to answer your questions.

5. Answer the question sheet below. 

End of the school day

Well done you have finished day 1 of home learning. To end your day please do 10 minutes of reading any book of your choice. See you tomorrow.