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For English today you will need your map from yesterday. I want you to pick a chilli and describe that setting you have chosen making sure you have met the chilli objective you have chosen. Remember in a setting description you want to include lots of describing words so the reader can picture in their head what you have drawn.


Mild - I can describe my setting using conjunctions 

Spicy - I can describe my setting using conjunctions and expanded noun phrases 

Hot - I can describe my setting using conjunctions, expanded noun phrases and paragraphs (clue for this one is when you are talking about a different part of your map you can start a new paragraph) 

Read Theory or Epic and TT Rockstars


Open the document below named animals and their habitats presentation 


  • Look at slides 1 to 11 then try the first worksheet.
  • Check your answers on slide 12.
  • Look at slide 13 then try to think of differences between plants and animals and complete the second worksheet. Thinks about food, movement, senses and 'breathing'.
  • Check your answers on slides 14-18.