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Morning Maths


Maths today is a bit trickier than yesterday so don't worry if you are struggling to understand this. Make sure you understand the work you did yesterday before moving on to this please. Please watch the video before attempting to do the work sheet. 

Perimeter of Rectilinear Shapes.mp4

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In English today you are going to use the emotions you completed yesterday to create a diary. You are going to do a diary of the puppy. Start with him being in the box, how was he feeling? What was he thinking? Did he know where he was going? Then keep on going until the boy takes the puppy out to play. Today I want you to think about structuring your sentences and making sure they are good quality sentences. Use different openers and use your senses to help you write what you can see, hear, smell taste and touch. You have to talk about all these at some point in your diary. One last thing, you are not allowed to use the word happy. It is being used far too much and there are much better words out there to use. Let's get some fabulous vocabulary in all our work. 

The Present | A Short Film by Jacob Frey

The film tells the story of a boy who rather spends his time indoors playing videogames instead of discovering what's waiting outside. One day his Mum decide...

TT Rockstars and Read Theory


This week there is a nice little practical activity for you to do at the end of the PowerPoint. However, I know many of you won't necessarily have the things needed for it available so if you can't make it today that is fine, if you can make it today or in the near future have fun. 

Science PowerPoint for you to go through