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Homework Grid - Autumn 2



Y5/6 Homework Tasks
This half term your homework is linked to our topics of Leisure and Entertainment and Animal and Human Life.

From the tasks below, choose 6 to complete, 1 each week. Hand in dates are each Friday.













You will have at least 1 week to complete each task, so we expect that you take care and put in effort so that you can complete it to the best of your ability.  

You can present your work by hand or use a computer.

But remember it needs to be of a size that will fit into your Homework book. Have fun!

No homework = Homework Club in Golden Time!

Imagine you are a newspaper reporter. Write a report covering the Blackpool Illuminations Switch on. What can you see? Hear? Smell?

Research and create an information poster about the History of Blackpool. Include interesting facts about the area from the past to now.

Produce a holiday brochure for a trip to Blackpool which would persuade people to visit.

Include facts, pictures, persuasive language.

Create a model of Blackpool Tower.

Use recycling materials.

Send a picture in via Do Jo.

How many bones are there in the human body?

How many bones in each hand?

How many bones in both hands?

How many bones in each foot?

How many bones in both feet?

Can you work out how many bones are in the rest of the human body?

Create a human timeline of how you have changed since birth.

You can use actual photographs or draw pictures.

Look at your parents and decide what you will look like as an adolescent, adult and elderly adult.

Create a word search using Science vocabulary.


Design a Christmas Card that could be sold to generate money for a charity to help others.  

Dear Parents,
Please find above this half terms homework grid which includes 8 tasks covering a range of activities.

The children should aim to complete a task a week which must be handed in each Friday.

This makes 6 activities in total.


Many of the tasks should be able to be completed independently, some may require help.

Please encourage your child to always present their work to a very high standard.

If you require any further assistance with the completion of the tasks, please do not hesitate to speak to me.

Homework helps independent learning and consolidates work completed in class.

 Thank you for your support with homework.