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Morning Maths


For today's Maths we will continue with our Roman Numerals. I was really impressed with all your work yesterday, you understood brilliantly. Please pick mild, spicy or hot to do as you would in class. As a fiery extension, once you have finished your sheet, you can write me a message for me to figure out if you want. I have included a reminder of what each letter represents below in case you need it. Because we will all be completing different sheets we won't go through the answers on the zoom so this morning's zoom will be an optional one. Remember if you need any help to message me.  

Roman Numerals worksheets

Roman Numerals poster


Look outside your window and give me 4 sentences of things you can see or hear. Try and do 2 with a subordinate clause (ISAWAWABUB) and 2 with a fronted adverbial (ISPACE). 



This is our final English lesson on The Lighthouse, I hope you have enjoyed it. Today you will write a diary pretending you are the lighthouse keeper. Look back at the thoughts and feelings you came up with yesterday and don't forget to include them (and maybe more) in your diary. I have attached some ideas of different feelings you may be able to include below. We have done lots of diaries so I know you are good at them but I have put a checklist below of things you should have in your diary writing. Make sure every sentence is a great one. Use the grammar skills we have learnt over the year and make sure you aren't writing lots and lots, having fewer fantastic sentences is better than loads of sentences that don't show off how good of a writer you are. 

Reading theory and TT Rockstars


Todays P.E session is to re-do the I'm a celebrity (or do it for the first time if you didn't manage it last week) and see if you can beat your score. Unfortunately, the website is not allowing me to add the video on again but if you go to last Thursday you will find it there. Good luck and have fun.