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Today in English I would like you to write your story that you built up yesterday. Think about your sentences starting with a capital letter and finishing with a full stop. Add in some conjunctions to extend your sentences and try and make your writing exciting with vocabulary and effects like onomatopoeia and similes. Can you also add in subordinate clauses and fronted adverbials to make sure it is year 3/4 standard?



LO: To recognise ways which the internet and social media can be used both positively and negatively

This week we will be thinking about Safer Internet Day 2021, which we are celebrating next week on 9th February. 

Think about the definition of internet and social media.

Write down as many answers as possible about the possible reasons using the internet.

Please go through this powerpoint


Independent work - to draw a poster for Safer Internet Day 2021

I have attached an example on Purple Mash - please keep your work to share at the Zoom meeting on Friday.


Make a list of reasons we are using the internet for.


Make a list of positive and negative ways using the internet.


Make a list of the things to achieve a healthy balance