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Morning Maths


After receiving the work yesterday I feel that most people need extra practice on this method so please complete the worksheet below for today's work. 

Maths worksheet


Lots of people did not get around to doing their English work yesterday so the same picture has been set for today. If you did it yesterday please spend some extra time on Read Theory. 


LO: To recognise there are human rights 

Children to watch a video below:

What are Human Rights?

This animated video introduces the concept of human rights - what are they, where do they come from and why are they important in Australia today?This video ...

Once you have watched the video please answer these key questions:

- what is the human right?

- why are human rights important?

Now search internet to look for information about children rights

Once you have done that please watch the video below:


Rights of the Child animation

Video clip describing young people's rights under international human rights law (the Convention on the Rights of the Child or CRC for short) in friendly lan...

Once you have watched everything please look at the PowerPoint below and then create your own leaflet about the rights of children. 

Children's rights