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Spring 2 2021 - Old

Tuesday 23rd February

Watch this video about how animals adapt to their environment.


Look at this PowerPoint about the ways some animals have adapted to their environments and then answer these questions for each animal:


1) What habitat do they live in? (desert, polar, rainforest etc)

2) What is the environment like in this habitat? (hot, cold wet, dry, etc)

3) How has each animal adapted to their environment? 

Adapting to an environment


Tuesday 2nd March

Open up the link about 'food-chains' below. Make sure you don't play the game until you have read about food chains a bit further down the page!

Now do some research and make your own food chain to show the class on zoom! Here's one :


water  ►  plant  ►  beetle  ►  frog  ►  snake  ►  hawk