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This year our Nativity, 'Honky, Tonky, Donkey', will be filmed, edited into a show and put on the internet for you to see.


All of the year 2 children will speak the narrator lines.

All of the infants will sing, with songs being split up, so each class sings set bits.

All of the reception children will play the parts in the show.


There are 40 children in the reception year at St. Augustine's, all 40 will be playing a character in the show.


There are 30 speaking parts: one has 8 lines, two have 3 lines, five have 2 lines and twenty-two have one line.

We have asked the children who wanted to speak in the play. We got all of those children to repeat a line as loudly as they could and then we gave out parts - everyone who wanted a speaking line got one.


We have sorted costumes for all of the children, some are being altered and they'll be ready by Monday 23rd November.



w/b Monday 23rd November - all narrator parts and scenes will be recorded (except scene 5 which will be recorded at a later date).

w/b Monday 30th November - all songs/dances recorded.

w/b Monday 7th December - All clips edited together.

w/b Monday 14th December - Video put on the internet for all classes (and you) to see.