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Morning Maths


Today we will be looking at line graphs. Please complete this work first and join our zoom at 11am so we can go through the answers. If you need any help before our zoom please message me, but make sure you watch the video before trying to complete the worksheet as it explains how you do it. 

Math's video

Still image for this video
Please watch this before completing your Maths worksheet


This week in Grammar we will continue with our fronted adverbials. Remember a fronted adverbial is always at the start of the sentence (front is the clue) and always has a comma to separate it from the rest of your sentence. It tells you how something is done (Slowly, I walked to the car or As fast as lightning, I went to the park), how often something is done (Every day, we complete our learning), the time something is done (Every afternoon, I enjoy a cup of tea), the place it is done (In the distance, I can see a beach) and the possibility

(Almost certainly, the monster will catch me). I feel the possibility is a little trickier to create than the others but everyone should be able to understand most of these by the end of the week. 


For today's Grammar, I have put on a sheet for you to complete. On this sheet the fronted adverbial isn't at the front so it is your task to rewrite the sentence so that it is at the front. This should help you when you are doing your independent writing to reword your own sentences, using fronted adverbials, to make your writing more interesting. 




In English this week, we are continuing with our Lighthouse movie. To start today's lesson please re watch the clip to remind you of what has happened. You will be writing a short story about The Lighthouse for your work today so if you want to take notes to help you complete that the please do. The link is below: 

Lighthouse (Animation)

Lighthouse (2008), animated short movie by Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung made for the Responsibility Project campaign for Liberty Mutual.Animation director: ...

Now you have re jogged your memory you are going to re-write the story in your own words. I have included an example that you can read through and magpie ideas from if you want to. Please choose a chilli and make sure you are meeting the LO of that chilli before sending me the work. Remember to use amazing vocabulary and think about all the things you can show off in your writing that we have learnt (subordinate clauses, onomatopoeia and alliteration to name a few) and please remember your basics like your full stops and capital letters. I want great writing not lots and lots of writing, as I always say to you make every sentence a good one.


Mild - Can I rewrite the lighthouse story using powerful vocabulary

Spicy - Can I rewrite the lighthouse story using fronted adverbials (you can use ISPACE or the word mat I gave you on Thursday to create these)

Hot - Can I rewrite the lighthouse story using fronted adverbials and can I change the ending


My example is attached below:



Last night, I sent all parents a link to a new reading scheme we are using and your own user name and passwords to get access to it. Please ask you parents for these details and spend 15 minutes doing the reading and comprehension texts. I will check your progress later today and award dojos for those that have completed their 15 minutes. 

TT Rockstars

Please spend at least 10 minutes on TT Rockstars. I will check who has been on and award dojos for those that have. 


Please make sure you have completed your Geography work from Friday before joining our afternoon zoom at 2.15. This zoom will be with Mrs.Lysiak and you will be sharing your work with each other and she will be explaining what she will be doing with you next in Geography.