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Pounds and Pence Video

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This week we will be following another author's style of writing a story. This time it is Cressinda Cowell who wrote how to train your dragon. Please watch the video from the link below.


Now I would like you to create your own made up land and draw a map, just like the author does. Include characters on your map where they live and different places that you will want to include in your story. Make it colourful and keep it safe because you will need it tomorrow. Once you have done your map you can enjoy Cressinda Cowell reading a chapter of her book using the link below.

LO – To understand some of the reasons why the second Roman invasion was a success.

Think about the reasons why the Romans wanted to come to Britain. Next look into interactive map below:

Now watch a video below:

Think about:

  1. Better armour
  2. Better organisation – turtle, discipline, tactics
  3. Clever inventions – spear
  4. Divide and rule

Now visit the website below to compare Celts and Romans – make some notes about some similarities and differences between the two.