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Good morning year 3/4 and welcome back to school. Today I am not available so it is a learning day where you do independent tasks in the morning. I have found two different things for you to do and as always you have bbc bitesize you can go on to find something to learn that interests you and you can do tt rockstars, read theory and epic. The afternoon session is as normal with Mrs.Lysiak, I will let you know if she is zooming in the afternoon but there will be no morning zoom. 




I would like you to pick the next times table that you need to complete on times tables olympics and do a flower for that. You can do more than one if you want to. 

How to draw a multiplication flower to practise times tables

In this video we show how you to draw a multiplication flower, to help the learning of times tables be creative and fun.

Our next Science topic is habitats so please watch this video of a zoo explaining about different habitats in preparation for Wednesday.

'School From the Zoo' Habitats (KS2) Online Lesson

Our first 'School from the Zoo' lesson will be on Habitats, aimed at KS2 pupils.This lesson will be around 15 minutes long with additional short tasks.Includ...

Topic - History & DT
we are starting new topic and this term it is Romans
For the first lesson please watch the video below as a brief introduction to our new topic:

The Roman Empire and its effect on Britain | Primary History - Roman Voices

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. Historian Bettany Hughes explores what made Britain so attractive to the ancient Romans that they made it a province of their gr...

Next pleae read the following short information about Romans and answer some questions using Roman intro file:

Who were the Romans?

Why did the Romans want to come to Britain?


Independent work 

Make a timeline on a piece of paper (draw a simple timeline and add significant dates on it) - use Roman timeline file below to help you