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Morning session

This morning is a different learning morning than we are used to. I have set some some English and Maths challenges for you to do on Purple Mash so please complete those. Then you can be in charge of your own learning and choose which two videos to watch and complete from the BBC Bitesize web page link below. It doesn't have to be English and Maths just any two that you are interested in. Here is the link:

Afternoon session 

Please start your afternoon as you normally would with TT Rockstars and Read Theory. Then it will be your Geography session. Mrs.Lysiak would like to zoom on Friday instead of today to discuss the work you have done, so please keep hold of this Geography work until then. 


Please go through this PowerPoint before choosing a sheet to answer

Here are the worksheets. Pick which one you want, Mild, Spicy or Hot and complete that one sheet please.