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Home Learning Week beginning 7th December


Phonics- Plurals.  Read the power point below

English- Think about how Granny was stuck inside the Wolf's stomach.  Write a text message to Little Red Riding Hood asking for help and describing what it is like in the slimy bag!!!  Use the sheet in you pack of a phone.

Maths- Look at the power point and complete 'How to make Equal parts.


Phonics- Complete Find the missing Word.  It is in your pack

English- Write a wanted poster for the Wolf.  Describe him in the box on the poster.

Maths- Complete Fraction fold from you pack.  Find 1/2 of each shape and then find 1/4 of each shape.


Phonics- Look at the power point and complete slide 7-9 from the pack.  (Rule 5)

English- This will take you 3 days.  Write a different version of Little Red Riding Hood.  You could change the characters, the setting or how the story ends.  It is totally up to you.  Remember to use the non-negotiables when you are writing and think about description in your sentences.

Maths- Watch the video on dojo of me explaining how to find fractions of a number.  Use the bar model sheet to work out the answers.  Questions are below

1/2 of 12=

1/4 of 20=

1/2 of 30=

1/4 of 16=

1/3 of 9=

1/3 of 30=


Phonics- Watch the power point and complete slide 8-9 (Rule 38 in the pack)

English- Carry on with your story

Maths- Complete fraction match from the pack.  Match fractions which are the same, so find the objects or number which make a 1/2.


Day of rest you deserve it!