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Home Learning Week beginning 5th October

Monday 5th October


Phonics- watch the power point below and think about the new spelling pattern for this week.

Maths- Complete the multiplication and division quiz.  Then send photos back to school.  Please complete independently so I know what you can do and what you find difficult.

English- Read the powerpoint and complete the last slide.  Take photo and send it via portfolio.

Science- Watch the link about keeping safe with medicines.  Design your own poster and send it back to me.

Tuesday 6th October


Phonics- Complete letter shape spellings based on the sound /j/

English- Look at the powerpoint and then complete comprehension sheet from pack.  Submit via portfolio

Maths- Look at powerpoint (you will need some items to count) then complete counting in 2s slides from power point.  Please post back via portfolio. 


Wednesday 7th October


English- Think of a villain that can be used to fight Traction Man.  Look around your house for inspiration.  Draw your villain, give them a name and describe them.  Use some noun phrases for the description and remember the non-negotiables when writing.

Phonics- Follow the link below and complete the quiz.

Maths- Practise counting up in 10's.  Use the power point for ideas and then complete the last 3 slides.  Please take a photo and send to me through your portfolio.


Thursday 8th October


English- Complete the comprehension task Winter Fun.  See your learning pack.

Phonics- Practise your /j/ words at the beginning by writing them in sentences.

Maths- Follow the link below.  Go through the power point and practise counting up in 5's.  Complete the last 3 slides.

Friday 9th October


English- Plan out an adventure for Traction Man.  You only need to think about; who your villain is, what does the villain do, how does Traction Man save the day.  We will write our own comic next week!

Phonics- Ask someone at home to test you on the /j/ at the beginning words and then complete the word search.  This is on portfolio.

Maths- Look at the power point below and go through the slides.  This is using counting up in 2's, 5's and 10's to solve word problems.  Complete the last 4 slides.