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Home Learning Week beginning 19th October

Monday 19th October

English- Read the comprehension story; Halloween.  Then complete the questions.  Please can you then take a photo and send it back to me on your portfolio.

Phonics- Look at the power point below on this weeks spellings and go through the new pattern.

Maths- Look at the power point below and try and guess the 3D shapes- no cheating! Then complete the properties worksheet on portfolio.

Science- Look at the power point about human life cycles and go through.  Can you at like all of the different stages?  You might even be able to use some props around your house to help.  Take a photo of yourself as each stage and post it on your portfolio.

Tuesday 20th October


English- Look at the power point 'Co-ordinating sentences and complete the last slide for practice on paper.

Phonics- Look at the 'Naughty pixie' sheet and find all the 'le' words and highlight.  You will find the text below.

Maths- Look on portfolio and find out ' What is same about the shapes and what is different'  Think about the sides and vertices but also what 2D shapes are in the 3D shapes.  

Wednesday 21st October


English- Watch the link below about 'How to Take Care of you Dog'.  Think about how Traction Man takes care of Scrubbing Brush.  Use the ideas from the video to write a set of instructions about how to take care of Scrubbing Brush.  Look at the power point to find out how to write instructions.

Phonics- Write out some sentences using the words from this weeks spelling pattern.

Maths- First look at the power point below- symmetry quiz.  Then complete the symmetry worksheet on portfolio.

Thursday 22nd October


English- Continue with writing the instructions for 'How to take are of Scrubbing Brush'.

Phonics- Ask someone at home to test you on your spellings for this week.

Maths- Sort the different 2D and 3D shapes.  Look at the document below.


Friday 23rd October


INSET day- so enjoy your rest before the half term holidays!