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January 2022


I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas Holidays and Happy New year! Below you will find work that your child can do whilst they are isolating. This is similar to what we are doing in class and will be updated on a daily basis. Please dojo me with any questions. Once your child has completed the work please upload it onto their dojo profile so I can mark it and reward dojos. Continue to use Bug books for reading and Numbots for maths. Hit the button (website) is also another great maths resource.


Ms Benson

5th January 2022


Writing - 


Today please can you discuss the holidays with your child and talk about 2 main events that took place. When discussing think about the 5 W's - What , when, why, where, who. 

Please write 5 sentences about what you did in the holidays. Remember Non-Negotiables - capital letters, fingers spaces and full stops. Draw a lovely picture to go with it. 


Reading - Please complete the reading comprehension. 


Maths - today we will have a maths quiz. After they have completed this they can have a go a writing out number bonds to 10 and counting in 2's, 10's and 3's. 

Music - the children have singing with Mr Cobb on Wednesday. At home have a sing song together, put on some music and dance around. Find some action songs and follow them or make up your own song. If you wanted to you could make an instrument to play as you sing. 


Science - After lunch please can you draw or paint a lovely winter picture. Think about all the things that you may see in winter. What will the trees look like? What might you see on the ground? What will children be wearing when playing outside? You can do this on a blank piece of paper or you can print out the sheet below to draw on. There are some words on this sheet. Please can your child independently read them and write down any words that they know from the list. 



6th January 2022


Writing - 


Have a look at the picture and discuss it with an adult. What can you see? Where do you think it is? How do you think you would feel if you were there? What else do you think there might be under water? What can you see in the distance?

Can you write some sentences about the picture? Or ask some questions. For example:

I can see a boat in the water.

It is very cold and snowy.

Why has the boat sunk?

Who was on the boat?

Don’t forget to put a question mark at the end of your questions and use your non-negotiables.



Reading - Please complete the reading comprehension.


Maths - Sharing equally.


Please follow the power point presentation and then complete the worksheet.

Afternoon session - Get creative!


This afternoon I would like you to make something. Here are some ideas below:- 


Bake -

Pancakes - 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of flour, 1 egg

Cupcakes - 125g flour, 125g butter, 125g sugar, 2 eggs


Make a den out of blankets and pillow and read a story inside your den or have a warm hot chocolate.


Draw or paint a picture of your favour animal. Use pasta to stick on for the fur or the hair.


Make a monster out of junk modelling e.g a shoe box, cereal boxes, tubes, etc.


Make a picture in the garden using twigs, leaves, etc. 


Use lego to build a top secret cave for one of your toys. 

7th January 2022


Writing - 


Click on the power point and ask an adult to read the story to you.

Do you remember what adjectives are? They are describing words. They come before the noun in a sentence. For example A red coat, a soft rabbit, a rainy day.

Slide one – Can you write 2 sentences to describe the character?

Slide two – Can you write 2 sentences to describe the setting?

Slide three – Can you write 2 sentences describing who Lucy met when she got to the cottage? It’s your choice. Was it a beautiful fairy, an ugly troll, a giant slug, a magical wizard?


Don’t forget non-negotiables and adjectives.

Maths - 


Complete the questions attached by sharing equally.

This month the value is 'Truth and Honesty'. Talk to you child about truth and honesty and ask your child to think of a time that they were truthful and honest. Can they write a sentence about it and draw a picture. 

This afternoon the children are completing their model of PNE using a shoe box and other resources. Have a go at making a model of PNE at home with any resources you have in the house. 

10th January 2022


Maths quiz - Please complete the maths quiz. You can read the questions to your child and they can answer them on the sheet or on a piece of paper.

Writing - Please can you write about your weekend. What did you do? Where did you go? Who did you go with? When did you go there? Why did you go there? Remember your non -negotiables. Draw a nice picture to go with your writing. 

Reading - Please complete the reading comprehension. 

Our topic this term is British Isles.


Geography - please can you label the countries in the United Kingdom and then colour or draw the flags.


11th of January


Write  - Write 4 fantastic sentences about the picture. Don't forget your non-negotiables. 

Maths -


Complete the Fluent five maths questions.


After that go through the power point presentation about equal groups and complete the work sheet.

RE - Can you remember the Nativity story that we learnt about before Christmas? Please can you write a few sentences to go with each picture in the story. After that can you write 3 questions that you would like to ask about the Nativity story. Something that you might be wondering about e.g What were the names of the Kings? Did anybody else bring baby Jesus a present? 

12th January 2022


English - Today we are starting a new book. Please look at the picture from the book and answer the questions. 

Maths - Please complete the fluent 5. After that please can you use counters, pasta pieces, crayons and practise making equal groups e.g

I have 2 crayons. I have 2 equal groups with 1 crayon in each group.

I have 4 crayons. I have 4 equal groups with 1 crayon in each and 2 equal groups with 2 crayons in each group. You can take photos or these group or write sentences.