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Friday 8th January

Good morning children. As you know, a Friday in our class is slightly different because Mrs. Lysiak teaches for most of the day so we don't continue with the topics I am teaching you in English and Maths. Instead you do reading comprehension, TT Rockstars and a Maths challenge. We will keep this the same whilst we are learning at home so your English and Maths tasks are below, we will continue with our statistics and The Lighthouse on Monday.

Reading comprehension


Please read the following text and answer the questions. Remember to answer the questions with evidence from the text. It doesn't necessarily want to know what information you have in your head already it wants you to prove you understand what you have read in the text, so always support your answers. 


In Maths I have attached the pages from the investigation book that you work on with Mrs. Lysiak. Think about how you work systematically to make sure you find all the possible answers. If you do it in a logical way you won't miss things out. Happy investigating!


This term, in Geography, Mrs.Lysiak is teaching you about the River Ribble. Do you know where that is? I bet most of you have been to it! For your first lesson Mrs.Lysiak would like to do some research. She would like you to find different rivers in Lancashire and note them down and draw a picture of a river in Lancashire.