Parent Questionnaire

We just want to say a big thank you to all the parents who filled in the yearly questionnaire. We are very pleased with such positive responses – it does make all the hard work the staff put in worthwhile. We have taken on board the improvement points and will be addressing these over the next few months where possible. Results of the questionnaire can be found here.

Section 48 (Diocesan) Inspection

We are really pleased to announce that in our recent Diocesan Inspection, looking at the religious and pastoral life of the school, we were graded as OUTSTANDING in every area. We are all very proud of this as it is something we hold very important in school. The inspectors were impressed with the overall knowledge of our children as well as how we develop their spirituality. They also commented on how pupils of all faiths get along well and that they are proud to be part of this thriving Catholic School. The full report is available here

Born To Move

We are very excited that many children will be taking part in a series of sessions delivered by a Born To Move teacher as part of their PE curriculum. Children also have the opportunity to join in an after school club. “BORN TO MOVE™ is a new series from Les Mills that plugs young people into their innate need to move, and the joy, vitality and self-esteem that comes with it. BORN TO MOVE™ builds confidence and develops skills, using role-playing, games, team building, performance, problem solving and the magic of music.” “Les Mills BORN TO MOVE™ was developed with a specific goal in mind: to get young people moving. By changing attitudes towards fitness, and encouraging daily physical activity, we believe that we can create a clear road towards combating the health problems that face the youth of today.”